In addition to solving those crucial problems for our clients when they need it most, we are also specialists in the maintenance and servicing of large-scale mechanical installations, pump installations and machinery. We also possess comprehensive expertise when it comes to conventional milling and lathe work, pneumatic, hydraulic, welding and drilling work. We can turn your problem around! INMEO is comprised of a small team of seasoned professionals who can be deployed anywhere and in any combination, individually or as a team, at our plant with ultra-modern equipment or on location at a client's premises. We are always available, always flexible.

We believe in ‘getting the job done’. As you can see, our employees are seasoned professionals, always there to ensure that your assignments are processed smoothly. In short, our motto is; sleeves up, find the solution, do the job. We have been doing exactly this for more than twenty years, with great success!

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